About Us

Our new graduate class, “Going Green: Research, Writing and Reporting to the Public” and the pilot Eco Advice Column are sponsored by the Stanford School of Earth Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program on the Environment in conjunction with the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Graduate Journalism Program. The Hume Writing Center provided invaluable support for the pilot class in the Fall Quarter of 2007.

In the class, students in disciplines such as science, engineering, economics, communications and business learn valuable multidisciplinary research and strong communication skills.    We taught the pilot class based on questions about the sustainable use of natural resources as submitted by a subset of the American public.  The class consisted of 15 students.

To answer the questions, students:

  1. Investigate scientific and technical literature and consult with leading experts from a vast number of disciplines
  2. Write summaries that integrate the relevant information from their research
  3. Prepare credible, concise, easy to understand and engaging answers in an advice column format

Based on positive feedback from students, faculty and a pilot audience, we plan to continue with the class and explore ways to engage the public.